Hey beauties!

I used to love to take pictures. I was in the year book committee in grade 9 and 10 but ever since I’ve joined drama and chorus I was so busy I lost track. In my opinion taking pictures would put me into a whole new world, just like books would. Don’t get me wrong I still love photography but I just haven’t been taking as much pictures as I used too.

The thing about photography is that it “captures the moment”. When there is a memorable moment, you can freeze time for a few seconds to capture it; then you have that moment with you forever. Photos of nature and just simple objects are the most inspiring detailed type of pictures. Beautiful orange sunsets, bright tinkling stars, and the fresh green grass/ trees along with the bright blue sky. Those are the things that really makes photography attractive in my eyes. Though when you take pictures you really need to have the right lighting, the right angle and just the right moment to make that display even more creative and unique.

Ordinary objects can be beautiful pictures as well. For example if you take a picture a lone rose sitting on the window sill with the curtains open letting the bright sun cast a beautiful glow on the rose. I think that is extremely beautiful, most people wonder why because it’s just “plain and simple” but it’s not just the object itself that is gorgeous it’s also the effect of the background. Though, I find simple pictures of objects could really give you a certain emotion depending on the object. For example, if you take a picture of a tea kettle on a vintage stove and make it black and white than most people’s minds will go towards an old fashioned style picture; unless you just think it’s a normal happy picture of tea because everyone’s mind is different.

I will be honest with you I haven’t taken as much photography photos of landscapes, etc. As I used to why? Because I used to do it all the time last summer and during grade 10 but I think I have grown to the point where it’s more of a hobby than anything. My interests change all of the time as does everybody else’s; so I think I just developed a liking for other stuff and grew out of photography a little bit. I do still take photos of nature every once in a while but that’s if it’s really worth capturing, for example, a sunset or sun rise. I have been really saddened that I haven’t been taking any pictures due to school work, drama, grad stuff, etc. I am hoping to be able to get back on track with photography and continue my hobby; even if it means just going to random places outside near my house to take the pictures.

All in all, photography really moves me, even when I look at random pictures on the internet that I didn’t take it gives me a certain pleasure to look at all of the detail and hard work that is put into the pictures. I will try to continue photography hopefully once I have more inspiration in the summer or at the moment. My challenge for myself is to get back on the groove and take more pictures!

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New York Dreams

Hey Beauties!

Have you guys ever had that one goal that you wanted to accomplish for a looooong time?

I do.

I have always wanted to go to New York City ever since I was a little girl.  I have always had a dream to go and see a Broadway Musical and I made it my life’s goal to go and make it happen.

How to concur your dreams=



Never Give Up: If you give up or don’t even bother trying then that dream isn’t really something you want.

Take The Opportunities: If you don’t take any opportunity that can possibly bring you closer to your dream then find opportunities yourself.

The reason I’ve always wanted to go to New York is because I’ve been wondering what it would be like to be in ta big city with loud traffic, large and shiny buildings, and more importantly Broadway!

Broadway is the iconic part of New York that’s why most people live there because they are most likely actors on a Broadway stage, if not they probably were born there. Either way Broadway is what catches peoples eye the most out of anything in that City.

If I EVER get the chance to go to New York the first thing I wanna do on my checklist is see a Broadway musical and I will make that happen one way or another no matter how hard I have to work to get it!

What is the one big dream that you had always been inspired to accomplish and why?

Until Next Time! ❤



Be Positive

Hey beauties!

I know I just did my last blog post on stress but I have been inspired to be more positive on my blogs. A quote that really speaks to me is f96702e51027ed85ddc818096cc69701.jpg

This quote speaks to me personally because I tend to be extremely negative about personal stuff and I try to be so positive that I start to ignore any negative thought I had and I don’t usually feel better.

I know for a fact that if you choose to be positive you can choose to overcome that negativity; if you aren’t positive at all that could make things worse for your train of thoughts.

Too help you guys be more positive I have a few tips to accomplish that goal!

#1= Slow down- slowing down can help you really control your thoughts a bit more and clean them up.

#2= Unplug- If you unplug from your phone or computer you will feel more positive already cause the internet is becoming more negative than positive these days, and looking at it can trigger more negative thoughts!

#3= Meditate- Meditation is a method of clearing your thoughts on everything whether it’s stress or negativity.

#4= Relax- If you start to find ways to relax after a situation that was negative your brain will switch from negative to positive (most of the time).

#5= Enjoy Life- If you just take the time to enjoy life and not take advantage of the fun adventures that come your way you really are unstoppable in having a positive life!

I really hope you guys will take my advice and try to be more positive because life isn’t fun if you’re negative.

So live your happy life to the fullest!

Until next time! ❤


Hey beauties!

How are you? I’m pretty good, I could be better though.

Lately I have been super stressed about ten million different things but I am trying to cope.

I have different ways on dealing with stress

1. Listening to music calms me down.

2. Talking to someone about it really helps and

3. Use stress balls, they actually work! If you have stress and you need to talk to someone about it please email me at and I’m willing to help anyone out as best as I can.

What methods do you guys use to relieve stress?

Until next time! ❤